Phat Fry

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Phat Fry

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5.00 out of 5

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New for 2016, the 3.5″ Phat Fry is a drop shot bait profile designed to mimic Gobies and smaller bait fish. The Phat Fry is injected with just enough micro salt to make it neutrally buoyant, causing it to move naturally. Rigged as a drop shot bait, the Phat Fry’s tail quivers at the slightest rod tip motion. It’s unique fins and flat bottom allow the bait to fall with a slow spiral glide when rigged with a small jighead. Colour #161 Clear Water Perch is a hand painted pattern, $1 more on 10 pack, 5$ more on 50 pack.

1 review for Phat Fry

  1. Ian Caughey
    5 out of 5


    I bought as many different colours in the spring as I could. I love to dropshot and these baits have not disappointed! Extremely realistic action for an unbeatable price. I love not having to buy from the States for a top notch product!

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